AIJU develops catalysts for energetic exploitation process of alcoholic fractions coming from alcoholic industries.

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Last October, the launch meeting of the project LIFE 15 CCM/ ES /00080 (LIFE ECOELECTRICITY) took place in Valence.  The general objective of this project is to design and to build pilot plant based on catalytic reforming technologies who allow the energetic exploitation/use of impure alcoholic fractions coming from the alcoholic industry (of distillery and of bioethanol production), who, by their compositions, present a reduced commercial value.

AIJU participate to this initiative, in partnership with the CSIC Chemical Technologic Institute, INDETEC TECNOLOGÌA INDUSTRIAL and DESTILERÌAS SAN VALERO, as INNOTECNO group coordinator. The main role of AIJU in this project, consist in, developing monolithic structured catalysts for the reform process, as well as the integration of a high degree type SOFC fuel cell, in the reformed steering factory.


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