Development of a new range of biodegradable products by injection

“The company, AUXILIARES ONIL, S.L, together with AIJU, will investigate the development of a new range of biodegradable products by injection. The main aim of this project is to develop clay pigeon plates by injection with biodegradable properties. The new product will have significant added value in terms of harmless environmental properties and ease of manufacture. The main benefits of the use of the new materials for making clay pigeon plates, compared to the current models, will be:
- Total elimination of waste abandoned at the clay shooting areas, because although fragments of plates are collected, bits always remain in the fields.
- Replacement of materials such as pitch and bitumen, graphite, ceramic, etc., by biodegradable plastic in the plates. - Replacement of the manufacturing process by another faster and more automated process of injection. - Obtaining stronger plates for transport and handling, avoiding losses by breakage."

Start date: 09/01/2012
Duration: 30/04/2013
Status: Awarded
Funding: CDTI
Contact: Ana Ibáñez
File: IDI-20120155

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