AIJU offers you a wide range of technological services aimed at improving the quality of your products and your business competitiveness by advising you on the latest legislative and technological requirements, and current market situation at all times.

As a technological centre, AIJU, has more than 25 years experience serving the industry, giving support in the way of: child safety testing, technological advice, testing, design and product development, prototyping, improvement of industrial processes, adapting products to market needs, knowledge studies of the child as a consumer, training, etc.

  1. Design


    AIJU helps you to understand the commercial potential of your products, improvements and design risks.

  2. Preproduction


    Ensure that production follows the parameters set in the previous phases, detecting and solving security, market and production hotspots, avoiding to incur in additional compliance costs

  3. Production


    Ensure that your product and your production process meets the environmental and quality standards  required

  4. Market


    Approach the market through the study of consumer behavior to identify their needs, how to meet them, their buying habits (places, times, preferences ...), etc.